Whether you are rocking silky relaxed hair or you have joined the naturalista’s club, there is usually a time when you just don’t know what to do with your hair. For those spotting the silky straight hair, it occurs when you have undergrowth but not enough to want to retouch it.
For those spotting natural hair, it happens between the times you have done the ‘big chop’ and when your hair is still too short to know exactly how to style it.
At this stage, many ladies miss this golden opportuinitty to embrace their new kinks and choose to use wigs and weaves until the hair is at a more manageable length or when they have retouched it. You can manage all these issues with straw curl styles.
Straw curl is one of the latest hair trends lots of ladies are sporting now. It is so versatile and suitable for all hair types including virgin and transitioning hair.
In fact, one of the benefits of straw curls is that it hides undergrowth. What makes the straw set curls so versatile is that it will work for any hair length as longs as there is enough to wrap around a straw.
A good straw set can last up to four weeks if protected at night with satin scarf, making it a perfect low and chic manipulation style. It is simple and you can do it at home with the help of a friend. To create this style, you will need drinking straws.
The size will be determined by your hair length and how thick you want the curls to look like. You need Bobby pins to hold the straws in place, styling gel (choose one that is not drying), tail comb for parting and sectioning and spray bottle to keep hair damp.
Part out a section and detangle from the root. Make sure it is damp and apply a small amount of gel or styling mousse in place of setting lotion, concentrat- ing on the ends. Start wrapping the hair around one of the straw sections and roll all the way down to the scalp.
Insert a bobby pin through each end of the straw to ensure that the hair is also caught in the pin. Continue this process until the entire head is set.
Allow it to dry, sit under a hooded dryer or use a bonnet attachment connected to a blow dryer. If allowed to air dry on their own, straws will need to remain in overnight.
Make sure hair is completely dry before removing straws. Failure to do so will result in frizz. After all the straws have been removed, begin fluffing and separating curls to close in parts and achieve the desired fullness. Spray it with your hair spray sheen to shine and style it as you wish.
Apply hair spray from time to time to keep hair shining. You can also apply mousse to make curls last longer. With straw curls, there is no limit to how you wear your hair and you can rock this style excellently in any hair length.