The psyche is both interesting and elusive, this is why I have decided to speak on its behalf.

In a bid to take on this daunting task, I looked back on my earliest expressions of the psyche and what did I find? Yes, you guessed it; patterns. The patterns do not lie. They give a peek into our world, what we are made of; individually and as a collective whole. And sometimes, they give more than just a peek, they give a whole account, they tell a story. And what’s more interesting; sometimes, they strip us bare. They rip us of notions and values which we thought were natural, but were in fact learnt. And well, it’s the other way round a couple of times.

I started making patterns on paper at a tender age – as early as 7 – but it was always in a bid to pay attention to other things except the patterns I was making; like listening in Economics class, or trying to cheat sleep during a boring Sunday sermon. Little did I know, that these patterns were a key to my inner world, and through it, I could interpret the world that we all live in. Then, gradually, I started paying attention to these patterns, and started to find them in everything.

The next time I made art, it was these patterns taking me by the hand – leading me – to their own meanings (in each line, shape and as a whole). It was like finding myself, my environment, my most fundamental values and imaginations, past experiences and stories, heartbreaks, movies and even dreams. Just as if that was not enough, I found out it was the same apocalyptic experience for everyone that observed them.

As I journeyed more into this world of patterns, I began to take interest in other mediums and surfaces; which includes, fondly, the human body. Making these patterns on the skin makes it such a real experience for both the viewer and the model, the reality of our individual patterns; colouring, or sometimes adequately interpreting our outlook on life and our general assessment of self.

So, follow me and observe these patterns, relate with them. You will see cities in these lines. You will see you I promise. But not only that, you’ll see the future. Trust the patterns, they know you. Perhaps more than you know yourself. I call my art “Iriri” – the many truths and deceptions of the psyche.

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