Notsopopkulture journeyed alongside sister brand TravelogueX in the month of April to experience first hand and interact with 2 towns’ (Ede & Osogbo) cultural heritage and their contemporary creative community. These trips lived up to being a very inspired sojourn as one of the impact of the trip for our team was the birthing of the idea to host an arts event when we got back home; an Art-night that would feature artists working in diverse spectra who would come together to create theme based art & craft. The early ideas for this project began to form as we observed several art, craft and fashion creations at the Nike Art Gallery in Osogbo

We returned home beaming with excitement knowing how interesting running this art project would be and resumed planning earnestly. We immediately reached out to one of the Haus‘ most trusted friend when it comes to creative endeavours “Mcqueen Stealth” of  X Colony who quickly connected with our pulse and began to expand the idea. He suggested adding an exhibition the day after the artnight to share our “illness” with the public and to promote-market featured artists and the works created.

The first edition of this project is called “Romancing with the sun” a name inspired by the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun and got his wax-glued feathers melted and so he crashed. Ever since people have decided to spread their wings minimally in fear of getting burnt and crashing. The result of this fear is flying too low and being mediocre… So “Romancing with the sun” is advocating that we be high flyers again (perhaps not so high that you get burnt, but definitely not so low that you drown in the oceans).

Romance with the Sun” Art-night & Exhibition is hosted by Notsopopkulture in conjunction with X colony to be held in the month of June.
The event is aimed at creating and showcasing inspired art and craft works that captures the lifestyle of youths; our fascinations, drives and struggles.
Romance with the sun Art-night features Artists from different backgrounds combining creativity in creating art/craftworks (murals, graffiti, painting, calligraphy, scrap art etc.)
The day ensuing after the art-night would see the art works created displayed for sale in a themed Live arts and Exhibition event.

The artistic theme of the event in line with Notsopopkulture’s drive for this year thus far “Afrofuturism”.

For more information about the event or on how to participate as an artist or a partner/sponsor please email; or send us a message on instagram @notsopopkulture