Artists, creatives and urban enthusiasts gathered on the 15th and 16th of June to witness the first of its kind Art-night and Exhibition event put together by NSPK, Xcolony and IRIRI in Ile-Ife, Osun state.

The Twenty99 studio acted as the backdrop for the 2 day event which had “AFROFUTURISM: Romance With The sun” as its theme.

The community of Ile-Ife and its environs experienced art on a different level, as the organizers used graffiti and guerrilla advertisement techniques to draw the kind of crowd they loved to see at the event.

The art-night saw artist within the town and from surrounding cities; Ibadan, Akure, Lagos converge at the Maad Haus in Ajanaku estate to deposit their quirkiness on varying art mediums as bamboo, wood, canvases and tree barks. Amidst feel good music, drinks and canapés, activities on the night crescendo into a house party setting.

The following day, Saturday acted as a good one for the town’s finest in the creative-arts and fashion scene to come witness the previous night’s magic. Amidst palm wine cocktail and barbecue, snatches of conversation were heard as the crowd observed the artworks on display.

The organizers pleased with the electrifying output of the event have promised to put together another edition in about a month’s time featuring more daring and exciting themes.