NSPK’ An Evening of…

Karl Max popularly alluded religion to be the opium of the people, but in today’s contemporary culture, amongst Africa’s emerging millennial class; is it religion or love?… worse; a perverse sense of if?

There seem to be an impertinent interaction between romance, religion and borders in today’s Africa and perhaps, it’s always been an on-going one, making it a peculiar string-of-topics for personal consideration, neighbourhood conversations and further study.

NSPK’s aims to explore these topics at our November Pop-up; “An Evening Of…” with 7 short stories, poems and discussions surrounding their subject-matter.

We are in a time in Africa characterized by ever new ideologies springing up to cope with our evolving dynamic realities. Also, we have diverse belief systems as a psycho-spiritual means to suppress echoes of hard times. A period where absolute emigration consumes the thoughts of the youth, our supposedly “bright futures”; a sort of get-out-of-jail-card ideology prevails. How do these influence our concept of love? You’ll hear that it’s no longer based on the ethos of old.

We want to consider how these three themes interact in lives of everyday people. How these themes affect personal stories of Africans everywhere.

If you are in the neighbourhood, join us as we dissect these questions and try to proffer sound tenets to ensure that youths in our society set the right foot forward.

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