Can’t remember how I first came about the term, but sometime last week, I know I came about a word that so much depicted a philosophy i resonate(d) with, one I should strive to adhere to more frequently.

This word is Sisu. As i searched the web about Sisu, I went on to discover that Sisu is considered a “stoic determination”. Stoic texts are one of my most abiding philosophies.

(About 5 seconds into writing)

Now i remember where it’s from. It was from one of the interviews in Tim Ferrris’ Tribe of Mentors. The Interview with Kyle Maynard.

Sisu is a Finnish concept that means putting in a little more into your endeavors than your perceived capacity to. A concept that embodies the resilience to go beyond one’s mental or physical capacity.

I find the term particularly relevant to people just like myself at the beginning of their career as creators, artists, entrepreneurs. In a period where the virtuosity to focus
and create our best work easily eludes us, repeatedly, learning about the concept of Sisu is a good prod in the right direction.

“Sisu is a grim, gritty, white-knuckle form of courage that is presented typically in situations where success is against the odds. It expresses itself in taking action against the odds and displaying courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity, in other words, deciding on a course of action and then sticking to that decision, even despite repeated failures. It is in some ways similar to equanimity, with the addition of a grim kind of stress management.” – Source (to more)