What’s peculiar about fashion and lifestyle influencer Zonna is how she finds incredible locations that accentuate her style shoots. A true voyeur of fashion and style, she has a keen eye for aesthetics. Whether through her flat lays or her unique capture of places and things you can bet that you’ll be enthralled.

On her blog, you’ll find relevant style tips through her “What she wore” series, tales about her lifestyle experience and things that inspires her as a creative.

NSPK caught up with Sandra Afamefuna AKA Zonna for a quick interview and she was glad to take us into her world of fashion and life/style for our weekly Fashion dazzler series.


NSPK: Tell us about the source(s) of inspiration for your style?
Zonna: I get inspired by so many things, of course you get exposed to a lot from just reading magazines or surfing the net, but my inspiration comes from even watching movies or just embracing my environment.

NSPK: The fashion/creative scene is filled with lots of creative (and not so creative) influence, how do you set yourself or work apart?
Zonna: Hmm, I don’t really struggle to set myself/work apart; I just stay true to my own style and vibe.

NSPK: All time style trend that you’ll keep rocking regardless of season?
Zonna: Earth tones for sure!

NSPK: Tell us about any on-going or future projects that you are excited about?
Zonna: None in particular, but I’m looking to take video photography more seriously. Can’t wait to bring all the ideas I have to life. Be sure to watch out for my content

NSPK: Tips for taking amazing photos?
Zonna: Have a good camera (your phone should suffice). Don’t be lazy to search for an amazing location or backdrop; fancy hotels or restaurants are a good choice. Have good lighting, take advantage of sunny days (that’s what I do).

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1. Twitter or IG? – Instagram
2. Notepads or eWriter? – Notepad
3. Coffee or Tea? – Tea
4. Read a book or Listen to podcast? – Podcast
5. Comfort or Fashionable? – Fashionable
6. Current song on replay? – Bana by Niniola
7. Favourite TV show of all time? – Fresh Prince of Bel Air
8. Idea for a perfect date? – A beach date
9. Favourite perfume/make up brand? – Dior Beauty
10. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? – Maki Oh

To find out more about Zonna, visit www.zonnabyuzo.com or stalk her on Instagram @zo.nna