Moses Mckenzie is an eccentric stylist and model from Nairobi, Kenya. He started his freelance modeling career in 2013, after he found it initially hard to break into the industry, he had to switch up his approach by employing a different art to his styling.
Moh adopts the Afrofuturism paradigm in coming about his looks, taking everyday objects and using it to accentuate his style ensembles. He founded his style collective with Clint Malik when they were still teenagers and they have gone on to work with sevral top fashion-style photographers in Kenya and to even feature on Vogue.
Moh features on our Fashion Dazzler series this week.


NSPK: Is there any experience from your childhood that set you up for a career in Fashion & Style?

MOH:  Watching fashion runways on TV, reading fashion magazines. I was fascinated by how the different clothing designs were showcased. These went on to fuel my interest in fashion-style and it made me choosy when my mum bought me clads.

NSPK: Do you have any habits, routines, rituals for staying focus and getting the best out of your day?

MOH:  Listening to music helps me stay focused through the day as I brainstorm ideas for my projects.

NSPK: Tell us about the source(s) of inspiration for your style?

MOH:  Comes from a wide array actually; mixing up ideas to create unique peices from themes like afrofuturism, sci-fi art and vintage wear. I like style influencer Osborn Macharia.  Social media pages like Vogue/voguemagazine also inspire me.

NSPK: Tell us about the most common remark(s) you get about your personal style?

MOH: The most common remark I get about my personal style is that I’m simple yet unique about my style.
NSPK: All time style trend that you’ll keep rocking regardless of season?

MOH:  Urban vintage.


1. Twitter or IG? – IG  
2. Notepad or eWriter? – None
3. Coffee or Tea? – Tea
4. Read a book or Listen to podcast? – Read a book
5. Comfort or Fashionable? – Fashionable
6. Current song on replay? – Better by Khalid
7. Favorite TV show of all time? –Uncle buck
8. Idea for a perfect date? – None
9. Favorite perfume/makeup brand? – M.A.C
10. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? –  Louis Vuitton
For more about Moh, Follow him on Instagram @Moh_mckenzie