If I could chose a look for a second life, I’ll gladly opt for one that’s synonymous to   Michael Osunsanya’s, whose monicker is the “the-afro-gentleman”. The catch is the pretty afro that sits atop his face. For a lover of Afros, his is an enviable one.

Michael is a Budapest based photographer and medical student, his burgeon in photography started about 4 years ago using his skill to capture brilliant  portraitures, cityscape and landscape photos.

As a fashion influencer, he loves to play dress up and uses this as a means of personal expression.

Theafrogentleman has collaborated with several brands in Hungary and continues to use his skill and passion to help business owners reach their target audience through unique video and photo content.

The-afro-gentleman finds a worthy spot on our Fashion Dazzler series this week.


NSPK: Tell us about the source(s) of inspiration for your style 

TAG: I have a pool of inspiration. Instagram is definitely on top of that list. Marcel Floruss, Denny Balmaceda, Blake Scott, Steven Onoja, Noble Igwe and Justus F. Hansen inspire me a lot to be myself and express myself to the fullest extent through my style. They are my biggest influences. I regularly visit their instagram profiles. I go window shopping even when I have money just to see what’s on the rack and imagine possibilities.  Pinterest is an amazing place to explore and draw inspiration from. You can find literally anything there. Before I add anything new to my wardrobe, I go to Pinterest to see the different ways to style it.

NSPK: What’s the most common remark(s) you get about your personal style?

TAG: All my friends still think I have a pot of gold in my bank account. People tell me I look simple yet so sophisticated. I personally think it comes from the 10 minute psych session I have in front of the mirror right before I step out of my apartment. If I can see it, I can make them see it too. 

NSPK: The fashion/creative scene is filled with lots of creative (and not so creative) influence, how do you set yourself/work apart?

TAG: I don’t know how wide my sphere of influence is, but being myself has helped me stand out. I take the staple, and the norm and I add a touch of me to it. Whatever I wear, I wear with confidence. Whatever I do, I put my heart and my soul to it.

NSPK: All time style trend that you’ll keep rocking regardless of season?

TAG: Denim will forever hold a special place in my heart. I wear denim all year round. Denim jacket, Denim jacket with shearling, denim shirts and overshirts, you name it!

NSPK: Tips for taking amazing photos?

TAG: Composition is the most important tip. Check the lines and make sure they are straight, use the colours of your outfit to complement the colours in your environment, pay attention to perspective. Always shoot RAW. There is more information in a RAW file which means you can manipulate it more in Lightroom or Photoshop.


1. Twitter or IG? – Both.

2. Notepad or eWriter? – Notepad.

3. Coffee or Tea? – Coffee for photos, Tea for drinking.

4. Read a book or listen to podcast? – Read a book.

5. Comfort or Fashionable? – Comfort.

6. Current song on replay? – Teni – Uyo Meyo

 7. Favourite TV show of all time? – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

8. Idea for a perfect date? – Dinner with a bottle of wine

9. Favourite perfume/makeup brand? – Arabian Oud

10. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? – Adidas for their sneakers.