Tania Tevodjre, who turns 24 this year was born in France to both Beninese parents. She however moved to Benin while she was still young and was raised there. After passing her high school grade, she had to leave behind her my mum, home and friends to return to South of France to study applied arts and later textiles. It was in this period that she decided to create her first fashion blog, where she shared with the world her style and passions. Two years later, Tania decided it was time to try out the YouTube experience, and she hasn’t relented till date.

Upon concluding her degree in textile, she moved once again, this time to Paris, where she got her first professional position as a stylist assistant at a photo studio. After this experience Tania took a break to ponder on what her next step would be. She took up small jobs on the side to enable her heck a living and spent most of her free time creating content for her blog – what she calls “her second (free) job”.

After her break, Tania had come to a decision on what her next best move would be in furthering her career. She applied for a Master’s degree in Digital art direction and she has been running the course since last year.

She’s currently in the final year of her program and interns as a graphic designer for an international lingerie brand UNDIZ. Tania combines school and internship with creating content constantly for her online platforms. She recently decided to do away with her blog in order to focus on her YouTube and Instagram audiences.

I try every day to learn more, do more, do better and surpass myself in everything I set to create. Fashion is my passion, and I’m trying to convey my vision for the industry through everything I do; my work, school, IG, YouTube…I want all of these to merge into ONE someday! I’ll keep working hard so it happens, and so I become one of the BEST art directors in the fashion industry in Africa!” – Tania

Tania who popularly goes by “La Perle Ocre” features on our Fashion Dazzler Series this weekend.


NSPK: Is There Any Experience From Your Childhood That Set You Up For A Career In Fashion & Style?

LPO: My mum’s first job was in an African prints fabric shop. So I’ve been in contact with the fashion industry since I was a little girl. Also, my mum was really into all these fashion styling stuff, so I guess she kind of gave me a flair for it.  

To answer the question more specifically, I don’t remember having a precise experience that made me want to work in fashion. I just knew I did from day one. It first started with  spending all my time drawing fashion illustrations and creating my own pieces. And it just became more and more concrete as I was growing up.

NSPK: Tell Us About The Source(s) Of Inspiration For Your Personal Style?

LPO: I can be inspired by anything. That’s why I don’t have one inspirational person, or whatever. I take inspiration from wherever I can find it. In everyday life, on Instagram, on Pinterest (OMG Pinterest is literally the BEST ever!), on Tumblr… Anyway, everywhere really. Because even a chair in the metro can inspire you, it depends of your mood and what you’re looking for.

But if I had to list a few of my Fashion icons, i would say Rihanna (Riri is for me the goddess of style, I mean, how does she manage to make everything stylish and beautiful?!) and for influencers, I get really inspired by people like @findingpaola, @tezza, @asiyamigold, and French influencers like @kimberlyskinny, @museuniform

NSPK: What Do You Hope To Communicate When You Assemble Pieces For Your Daily Looks? Is There Any Message Behind It?

LPO: Hmm…Not really… I mean, I dress up according to my mood, so it depends on my mood clearly. One day I could want to be colorful and sexy, and the other I could want to go all black and casual…So, yeah, It really depends of my mood. But mostly, each time I dress up, I want to put some of my personality in it, as I’m a rather joyful but also kind of « sad » spirit, that’s why I can easily go from extravagant, colorful and all to all black, simple and casual in a minunte.

NSPK: Tell Us about the Most Common Remark(s) You Get About Your Personal Style?

LPO: Hmmm…I’ll say, original, fun, colorful, trendy and DOPE! Haha

NSPK: How Do You Rekindle Your Passion For Your Work When You Are Feeling Unmotivated?

LPO: I look for other people’s work. Seeing how creative, amazing and incredible other people’s work can be makes me want to outdo myself again and again and create new stuff, new content… It really inspires me to see the hundreds of possibilities,  creations and ideas. I’m always just like WOOOW! I want to do this too! And I want to do even BETTER!


1.         Twitter or IG? –IGGGGGG! FOR SURE!
2.         Notepad or eWriter? – Both, it depends on what I’m working on.
3.         Coffee or Tea? –Tea. I don’t do coffee…
4.         Read a book or Listen to podcast? – Read a book
5.         Comfort or Fashionable? –  Both. I like my outfit to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Lol, but if I really had to choose, I’ll say Fashionable first!
6.         Current song on replay?Needy – Ariana Grande
7.         Favourite TV show of all time? – Greys Anatomy (Although I love ALL the TV shows I watch, and I do watch A LOT!)
8.         Idea for a perfect date?  – A casual date, like flanning in a park, or eating in a nice restaurant… actually, just spending time with the person makes me happy.
9.         Favourite perfume/makeup brand? – For perfume, Kenzo Amour! For makeup, don’t have ONE fav brand
10.       If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? – In an ideal world, OFF WHITE (haha), but in a more realistic world, PLT (Pretty Little Thing)