I first observed Tiffany Ayanleke’s strides in fashion through the then trending “BILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING” t-shirt by Dapmod, a fashion brand she worked for.

Tiffany is a freelance model who has featured for several top fashion brands in Nigeria and similarly walked on top romps in Nigeria and beyond.

She stumbled into modelling in 2012 while in school and since then has gained a steady momentum in the fashion industry, walking at shows like GTBANK FSHN WKND, Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week London, Bridal Fashion Week to mention a few. She has featured for fashion brands like Enemaya, Severe Nature and worked with international brands; BET international, Budweiser. You would also find her face in publications like the Complete Fashion Magazine, Native Magazine amongst many others.

Tiffany is a kindred spirit who finds it essential to live with ease with herself and with others, eschewing worries, she believes that everything in life happens for a reason. Her Interest ranges from the Business of Fashion to Travel and YouTube. Some of her hobbies includes dancing, travelling, watching talk shows and listening to music.

In addition to a vibrant career as a model, she finds time for a side hustle in Visual content creation and Brand and Travel consultancy.

By now, if you feel like you recognize Tiffany from your past and can’t place where? Don’t let your mind play tricks on you, she’s the co-face for the Hair brand, Nature’s Gentle Touch and you must have seen her countless times on the “thousands” of billboards across Nigeria bearing her face, if you reside there.

This week, Tiffany Ayanleke features on our Fashion Dazzler Series.


NSPK: How Did You Come To The Decision To Do This For A Lifetime?

Tiffany: I studied media communications in University and my modelling career started from my days in school. I recall featuring for a fashion brand Enemaya in 2012, which went on to be published on several media platforms. That feature came with a lot of buzz for me, and in 2013 I participated in a modelling competition coming 2nd runner up, and I would say that’s how my career kicked off properly.

The decision to do modelling wasn’t really a thing I sat down to think of at the time, while in school, it just happened. I learnt a lot about fashion in my early years of being in the fashion industry and I just knew I was meant to do what I’m doing currently, and It’s definitely a path I’ll be on to for a lifetime. Not necessarily being a model all through but also venturing into other sectors in the fashion industry, which I’m currently working on.

NSPK: Do You Have Any Habits, Routines, Or Rituals For Staying Focus And Getting The Best Out Of Your Day?

Tiffany: My regular routine for keeping myself in check every day is to Pray, Drink at least 1.5litres of water daily, regular CTM (Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize) every morning and night, and to watch tons of educative and inspirational videos. I believe knowledge is never wasted and it’s a powerful tool. I’m keen on educating myself daily to become a better person than yesterday.

NSPK: Are There Any Style Trends You Are Currently Digging And/or Planning To Hop On?

Tiffany: I honestly don’t follow trends.

NSPK: What’s Your Go-To Casual Assemble?

Tiffany: My to-go casual assemble would be a graphic tee or crop top, a pair of good fit jeans, sneakers, a jacket OR a skimpy LBD and a crossbody bag. (All black)

NSPK: Do You Get Anxious Just Before Walking The Romp Or Before A New Release/Unveiling? Tell Us What The Experience Is Like For You?

Tiffany: I think everyone gets anxious before walking on the runway regardless of whether you are an old or new model. I get anxious before getting on the romp every time but once I’m on, I have to get my game face and confidence on all the way and these things take practice.

NSPK: What Do You Enjoy Doing On The Flipside?

Tiffany: On the flipside, I like travelling, dancing, being creative every way possible, learning, eating and making money 🙂

NSPK: What Moment In Your Career Would You Say You Are Most Proud Of Thus Far?

Tiffany: I’ve been a part of different projects but to mention one I’m most proud of is being selected amongst many to be a part of the “BLACK HISTORY MONTH” in 2016 for the BET UK channel. It was a major project for me and it made me believe so much in myself.

NSPK: Tell Us About Any On-Going Or Future Projects That You Are Excited About?

Tiffany: Yes, I’m working on a few things in and out of the fashion industry. I would love to spill the tea now, but I’d like to save that for later.

NSPK: Tips for Models Who Want To Dazzle On Set?

Tiffany: You want to dazzle or stand out on set; prep your skin a day/two before your shoot day, practice some poses, if you’re a fashion model you should appear like a canvas meaning you should go as natural as you can (no makeup, no weaves/braids, properly shaved and minimal clothing), be confident and well mannered.


1. Twitter or IG? – IG
2. Notepad or eWriter? – Notepad
3. Coffee or Tea? – Tea
4. Read a book or Listen to podcast? – Read a book
5. Comfort or Fashionable? – Comfort
6. Current song on replay?Toast by koffee
7. Favourite TV show of all time? – The Real Talk Show
8. Idea for a perfect date? – I don’t think there’s a ‘perfect date’
9. Favourite perfume/makeup brand? – Perfume (Valentino Men) /Makeup – Fenty
10. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? – Chanel/LV

To find out more about Tiffany, follow her at ms_tiffany01