Featuring on our Fashion Dazzler Interview series this week is Nairobi based model and creative director, Max Mwangi.

Enjoy our interview with him.


NSPK: Is there any experience from your childhood that set you up for a career in Fashion & Style?

Max: Ever since I was young, I observed my Dad’s dressing. He had a unique sense of style and always pulled up some killer outfits. I always admired the confidence he had in his style and that’s what influenced me to take up fashion modeling.

NSPK: What’s your typical day like as a fashion creative/entrepreneur?

Max: I am a student, so my day is usually packed with classes but I don’t let that interfere with my fashion – creative work. I usually plan out my day earlier so that I can fully maximize it. I spare some few hours to come up with new creative ideas or plan out my next project.

NSPK: Tell us about the source(s) of inspiration for your personal style?

Max: I get my inspiration from different sources ranging from magazines like Digital Avant-garde, Vogue, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar. Inspirations also come from within, where you see there is an issue in the society that you can raise awareness for, using your creative work.

NSPK: What do you hope to communicate when you assemble pieces for your daily looks? Is there any message behind it?

Max: For most of the creative looks I have done, they are all meant to not only speak about being able to think outside the box, but also living your daily life outside that box. I mean, being able to free your mind and be creative in every aspect of life.

NSPK: How do you rekindle your passion for your work when you are feeling unmotivated?

Max: When I am feeling unmotivated I usually go to my Instagram feed and check from when I started my creative work up to where I have been able to get to at the moment. Just looking at the progress that I have made will always give me the motivation to keep going and work even harder.

I also listen to some cool music that gets me in high spirits to work on new ideas.

NSPK: If you could change one thing right now about your industry what would it be?

Max: There is only one thing I would wish to change; this idea in the fashion industry where someone thinks to be renowned as the best in the “game” is the ultimate goal. This tends to bring about unnecessary competition in a field where if creatives were to work together we would be able to promote art significantly. Because there is power when we can share our ideas and give life to them.

NSPK: What work/project in your career thus far are you most proud of?

Max: I wouldn’t give any praise to a specific concept that I created, since all the projects have played a major role in the growth of my creative work. But I would like to mention that I’ve been at my peak since the end of last year when I met Cj Pixels, a photographer and filmmaker who has been supporting my work greatly.


  1. Twitter or IG? – IG
  2. Notepad or eWriter? – Notepad
  3. Coffee or Tea? – Coffee
  4. Read a book or Listen to a podcast? – Listen to podcast
  5. Comfort or Fashionable? – Fashionable
  6. Current song on replay?Old Town Road-Lil Nas X
  7. Favourite TV show of all time?Family Guy
  8. Your Idea for a perfect date? – Dinner Date
  9. Favourite perfume/makeup brand?Creed Aventus
  10. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who?Louis Vuitton

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