Mohammad Dukuray aka Mo’ Love is an Alternative/ Soul and Hip-Hop artist based in Newyork city.

Mo is an enthusiastic songster and dreams of travelling the world to perform his music to fans.

He is passionate about family and believes he’s on earth to help people in ways permissive of his skills and talent.

An ardent fashion lover and style influencer, he has featured in ad campaigns for fashion brands and hopes to model for more high-end brands as his career progresses.

Enjoy our interview with Mo’ Love, as he features on our ongoing Fashion Dazzler series.


NSPK: Are there any experiences from your childhood that set you up for a career in Music?

Mo’Love: I would say my childhood gave me more than one route in music that I could talk about. It inspires me to talk about all the things I have seen and experienced in my life, especially being a young black kid living in the projects, you must grow up earlier then you needed to, looking up to the wrong people doing things that don’t feel right but you do because that’s what you think is right. Things that happened to me, losing friends to murder and jail makes you think twice about your own life and what changes you need to make. Now that I can express myself through my music, I let people into my life through the lyrics.

NSPK: What do you enjoy doing on the flipside? (When you are not in the studio or performing at events.)

Mo’Love: I love going to art galleries, museums, pop up shops, movies, Trying new foods, social events. Anything that someone may invite me to because I’m down for anything that is new for the experiences of life.

NSPK: Tell us about the source(s) of inspiration for your personal style?

Mo’Love: Well one of my main reasons and inspiration was at one point of my life I felt as if I was dressing like everyone else. I had no type of style of my own. I just love the carefree style of dressing “putting on what you feel” in a sense so anyone. The 90s really was a time era where I felt couldn’t be touched stylistically and I love like putting pieces together to emulate them. Some people that I get some big aspirations of different styles and not being afraid to put things on is ASAP Rocky, Joey Badass, Virgil Abloh, Bloody Osiris, Ian Conner to name a few

NSPK: What do you hope to communicate when you assemble pieces for your daily looks? Is there any message behind it?

Mo’Love: I hope to communicate to people that he has his own style that cannot be replicated and its okay to be different. Some people will accept you and embrace you while others will look at you weird and wouldn’t understand, and that’s ok, it’s all about what makes you feel good and other people’s perspective is there opinion that doesn’t matter.

NSPK: How do you rekindle your passion for your work when you are feeling unmotivated?

Mo’Love: I usually just listen to the people who give me inspiration, they are at or was at a place where I want to be. I know they haven’t given up so why should I give up on myself. I’m not where I need to be so I can’t stop now

NSPK: What work/project in your career thus far are you most proud of?

Mo’Love: I would say that I’m most proud of finding my purpose and pursuing my dreams unlike a lot of people they may not know what they want to do in life or even too scared to take that step to do things they love, some are scared of failure or some even scared to disappoint other people because that’s not what they envisioned for them.


1. Twitter or IG? – IG
2. Notepad or eWriter? – Notepad
3. Coffee or Tea? – Tea
4. Read a book or Listen to podcast? – Read a book
5. Comfort or Fashionable? – Comfort
6. Current song on replay?Anderson Paak – Come Home
7. Favourite TV show of all time?All That
8. Idea for a perfect date? – My idea of a perfect date is we both are keeping each other entertained, smiling laughing the whole time and our energies just match.
9. Favourite perfume? – YSL
10. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? – Louis Vuitton

For more about Mo’love follow him @proudofbeingafrican

You can also stream his music here