This weekend, we talk to the delectable and stylish South-African photographer, Cindy Leah.

I first came across Cindy through her well curated Instagram feed, you would have imagined that she simply modeled. I eventually got to learn more about her work, her passion for event photography and the project she has embarked upon to aid Black womens’ represention through photography.

Enjoy our interview with her, as she features this weekend on our Fashion Dazzler Series.


NSPK: What is the best thing that happened to you during the past week?
Cindy: The best news I got this week was a phone call from the director of my favourite reality TV, about a feature.

NSPK: How did you come to the decision to do photography for a lifetime? Or if not, what else is there in the future for you?

Cindy: Since I was 19, I have been on the great journey of self discovery. I did Theology, Political Sciences, studied languages Greek and Hebrew- worked in a mall for two years and finally a photography studio and that’s where it all came to light. I had never felt such a rush about anything until I had bought my first camera.

NSPK: What’s your typical day like as a creative?
Cindy: My typical day varies. I attend accelerator classes every Monday with Lioness of Africa and Siemens. I also like to network with other creatives, but most of my days are consumed in editing. I work in the event photography industry and I usually edit any where between 200- 1000 images per job.

NSPK: What style trend(s) are you digging currently?
Cindy: My favourite style trends are anything inspired by Lara Croft- from tomb raider. I love the utility looks. I have seen the likes of Fear of God and Virgil Abloh’s Louis V take over with Off White.

NSPK: Whats your go-to casual assemble?
Cindy: My go-to casual look is a white tee, long or short black coat and a pair of jeans with heels or boots. I’m a chill cat.

NSPK: Do you have any habits, routines, or rituals for staying focus and getting the best out of your day?
Cindy: Moments of silence keep me in check. Being a photographer, you work a lot when the going is good. It gets hard to take breaks sometimes, so when I get the chance I stay home read, write or meditate. My other favourite hobby is growing my indoor plants. I’ve got a massive jungle brewing at home.

NSPK: What work/project in your career thus far are you most proud of?
Cindy: I had the incredible opportunity of shooting the Mercedes Benz G Wagon when it was released in South Africa. The great Kevin Richardson placed me in a cage and let his lions and lioness loose so we could get the shot in safari with the G Wagon.

NSPK: Tell us about any ongoing or future projects that you are excited about?
Cindy: I’m not your typical commercial photographer, I enjoy doing events as I love the chances you have at capturing beautiful human moments in a set scene.
This inspired my latest project The African Pictionary- An Internationally African stock photography app that will cater to the black women of Africa. It’s about time we had content we are proud to call our own. It will be launching in June 2019. So keep an eye out.

NSPK: Tips for taking amazing photos?
Cindy: My top tip to getting amazing shots- consider the lighting situation you are in. From the direct Greek definition of Photography which literally means “drawing with light”


  1. Coffee or Tea? – Tea
  2. Comfort or Fashionable? – Comfort
  3. Camping in the woods or Beach resort? – Camping in the woods
  4. Favourite place to eat? – Mugg n Bean
  5. Read a book or Listen to podcast? – Podcast
  6. Favourite perfume/makeup brand? – DKNY – Nectar Love
  7. If you had to wear one fashion brand for the rest of your life, who? – Fear of God
  8. Current song on replay? – Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane Ft Kodak Black- Wake Up In The Sky
  9. Favourite TV show of all time? – Friends
  10. How many times a day do you look in the mirror? ____

Fore more about Cindy, follow her @Cindyleahphoto