Maindrag, an African-urban streetwear label that delights her core followers with a new streetwear campaign every other month is out with a new release titled Uneasy Motion. This new campaign explores mobility in rural and urban Nigeria, using okada as its focal point.

Okadas are one of the common means of getting about town, and with this campaign Maindrag attempts to bring to fore, peculiar instances associated with riding okadas.

One of the batik motifs on the Tees caricaturizes a family of 6 on an okada; the father riding the okada with a child in front of him, two other children stuffed in the middle and the mother at the back, with the last born fastened to her back with a piece of cloth. The scene is reminiscent of a typical Sunday morning in rural Nigeria as the entire family journeys to church.

What’s really fascinating about the Maindrag approach to streetwear is the unique way in which they engage culturally relevant themes drawn from the African experience, using this as inspiration for their collections and campaigns.

The brand aims to grow a community around African heritage and contemporary culture using documentary films, photos and streetwear campaigns.

Learn more about the Uneasy Motion campaign @maindragxyz


Muses: Nifemi x Ife

Direction & Photography: Papa Tobs x Adebayo Palms (NSPK)

Film: Favour Omoruyi

Sketch Artist: Babatunde Omotehinse

Digital Artists: Kenechi Etiobi

Voice over: Timi Agbaje