NOTSOPOPKULTURE is kicking off an appraisal of the fashion industry in several African Countries as they celebrate their independence. NSPK would be highlighting the laudable fashion achievers and exploits in these countries, as we try to encourage the “Buy African” culture.

Kicking of today, 1st August, the Republic of Benin marks its 56th year of independence from France. The colony was granted full autonomy in 1958 and achieved full independence in 1960 under the auspices of then president Hubert Maga.

In recent years the fashion scene in Benin has witnessed continental spotlight with the emergence of fashion runway platforms as the Vlisco Fashion Show and International Cotonou Fashion Week that celebrate the best in Beninoise fashion. Fashion designers as Grace Wallace have demonstrated across the African continent that Beninoise fashion industry cannot be pushed aside, as she ranks amongst the best in Africa.

Popular fashion house as Nanawax and Nashprintsit, the later which operates in Cotonou and Paris have gained reputable success over the years in the international fashion scene.

NOTSOPOPKULTURE wishes Benin Republic Happy Independence!!!


Image sources; Pinterest, nashprintsit, ciaafrique