​African Fashion quite evidently is in the ascendancy. One designer brand who appears to be committed to putting African fashion on the global map is Moshugah. They recently debuted at the African Fashion Week Nigeria, earning plenteous media review and applauds from fashion lovers.

Creative director Mo is a visionary with surplus of energy, passion and creativity sufficient to hurl her label to the pinnacle of Nigerian and African Fashion.

NSPK in conjunction with ASK caught up with Mo, in an expose on the Moshugah brand and we tried to understand the dream behind calling it quits on her “9-5” for a career in fashion.

Hi Mo, Thanks for doing this interview

NSPK: Who does the Moshugah Brand Design for?

MO: MOSHUGAH is a womenswear brand. We design for the Ambitious woman who loves to have some fun and still exude elegance. 

The vision is to impact and create a mindset of relevance for women and be a part of every woman’s journey through feminity. It’s fulfilling to know that I am doing what I love, impacting people and making good earnings from it. If I wasn’t doing fashion, I would be doing fashion! LOL

NSPK: How Important is Fashion Designing to you, Economically and Otherwise?

MO: Fashion for me is my Purpose. It’s almost like air for me

NSPK: How did it all Start for the Moshuga Brand?

MO: As Cliché as it may sound, I grew up making paper dresses (I cut myself with razor blades severally) I would sketch, play dress up as a child, and recreate some of the dresses my mom bought for me, maybe stitch a button or a rose, cut the dress shorter or alter the sleeves and she used to be mad at me and report me to my dad! Fast forward to my university days, I would have family and friends call for design options, outfit ideas, colour ideas even as far as fabric shopping. They just trusted me with those things and I enjoyed going all out to do them you know.

So, in 2015 I quit my 9-5 job and took the risk of setting up a fashion outfit. Today I’m glad I did.  

NSPK: What sets your Brand apart from Others?

MO: What sets MOSHUGAH apart from other brands is our unique eye for detail, creative designs, quality fabric, client satisfaction (we go all out) and most importantly, the Proper Fits of an outfit on the wearer. We believe that a dress should follow the shape of a woman and not the other way around. So basically, the Value of products we offer to our clients sets us apart from the crowd. 

NSPK: How will you Describe African Fashion, What is it to you?

MO: African Fashion is the richest form of art the world can ever know. Although we are yet to explore our potentials as we ought to but I do see African fashion taking over the fashion world. 

NSPK: Where will your brand be in 20 years from now?

MO: I have been expecting this question. In 20 years, MOSHUGAH is already a contented household name. MOSHUGAH would have become a global brand with outlets in major cities all around the world. We would have graced Forbes list of world’s most valuable Fashion brands by Gods special grace. 

NSPK: Who is your Famed Designer?

MO: Who? Lol. I do have quite a lot but I will pick Michael Costello. I love his works. 

NSPK: Favorite Mobile App?

MO: Oh! that has to be Instagram. Yes.

NSPK: Best Snack on the go?

MO: Cream crackers (beloxxi) 

NSPK: If I was to spend a Day with you as Designer, how would the Day go?

MO: A day with me would be fun. I usually have my day planned out the night before but my typical day Is involves attending to clients, doing fittings, interpreting designs to my tailors, supervising the processes involved in the creation of our pieces, attending to clients in between, market runs!! I like to do fabric and appliqué shopping myself. It’s so much fun. And yes we will get to squeeze lunch in somewhere Lol. You will also experience my different personality types (I switch) lol. I am fun trust me. 

NSPK: What Should we expect from the Brand looking at the Future?

MO: We would be doing a lot more now. We are working on a new collection soon. We are already getting proposals for some styling projects, we will be stocking with some major retail stores in Nigeria. We will be more in the face of the people from now, I promise you won’t get tired of us. We will be doing phenomenal stuffs. Stay tuned!!!!


Telephone: 07068583604

Email: shopmoshugah@gmail.com


IG: @moshugah