What’s fashion to me? Well fashion is a means of expression, being able to appear the way I feel at the moment. Like my dad would say elegancy is not to be noticed but to be remembered, cause first impression last a lifetime.

Over the years have learnt how important the use of this phrase “Dress the way you want to be addressed” and I have seen the result over years.

I’m David Magnus Fowler by name am a style blogger, fashion writer and a digital marketer. So this editorial happens to be one of my recent project I play dress up for a living in which I use my lifestyle to promote fashion brands, fashion photographers. Apparently, this has been one of the most daring project I have embarked on cause it’s quite challenging finding brands that fits into my daily style, the pictures in this editorial was taken by fashion photographer Daniel Vintage.

This casual outfit was put together by me for a smooth Saturday brunch, and I love the blend of neural colours.

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Hat: @Radark
Sunglasses: @blur
Mules/half shoe: @T’s
Photography by: @Daniel.Vintage