There are so many places and simply not nearly enough explorations, not nearly enough explorers or travel experiences and not nearly enough contemporary content on these places, the people or existing cultures.
The plan for Travelogue X is to scour several key destinations, one at a time,  with a team of creative individuals which include photographers, film makers, illustrators, creative writers and travel enthusiasts who would be known as tribecalledX. They would explore and curate contemporary content regarding places visited; documenting their experiences, interactions with people-their ways of life, and creating art.
On the 24th to 28th of December, 2017; tribecalledX heads out to Calabar documenting, sharing our voyage experience via varying forms of art including photos, films, articles and illustrations.
You can join tribecalledX on these trips. Get your creative kit and gears and be part of an amazing travel experience.
Join tribecalledX.
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Phone: 0809 870 5343
Instagram: traveloguex
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