Possibly, you were busy all week and didn’t have time for social media, no time to flip through Instagram. Not to worry, NSPK is here with our weekly Best 10 Streetstyle Inspirations on Instagram.
Hope you find a streetstyle or trend worth jumping on. Have fun and be inspired!

Girl’s day out

When you go out with your girls, make a statement.
That’s what I see here with models Narominded, Shanellenyasaise and Nykhor as they all rock the low-cut look, in their dark shades and Jackets. Whether it’s the orange trench, air force type jacket or the insulated coat, we can hear their statement loud and clear.

Still Rocking Corduroy

Beth Model seun logan subtly lets us know that we aren’t retiring the corduroy trend just yet. The sophistication, particularly in this coffee brown colour is game.


Have you ever imagined matching Cashmere sweater with a skirt and yet dare to accessorise with a hat and heels, altogether not looking tacky. Well, here you go, Sade Akinosho effortlessly pulls off the incredible.


You must have seen this statement tees around. What do you think about them, lascivious or stylish? In any case, we dim it fit to be on our list


Famous style blogger, Akin Faminu goes for white magic, and he almost pulls it off, but for the white beret.

Rock the Beret Trend Right

You can’t help but wonder how much thought and preparation Manny puts into creating his looks. He’s notched yet another feature on our list for the 2nd week running. He sure does know how to send a message with his styling choices, pairing the dictator-type beret with camou jacket, waist pack (functioning as a pack for army rations perhaps) and the Chelsea boots, you get the military drift hint.

Black Attack

Yes black, but the killer accessory in this street look is the smile. I guess you didn’t see that coming, but do take a second look.


Stop mulling on how your regular shoes hurt the toes, for dress-down days like today-Friday, you can invest in a pair of mules, and if you are daring perhaps, you can take it beyond Fridays.


If you don’t like the fervour, you would most certainly identify with the mustard, hoping to see this colour relief yellow and millennial pink from their trending duties last year.


On days like this, you don’t want to wear too much garb, you don’t want much attention, you don’t want your outfit pulling too much reviews; but if you accessorize properly, you may find yourself on Notsopopkulture. And that’s what we have here, David Magnus Fowler gets reviewed. He has inspired us with his accessorizing game, the bandana, knuckle rings, cuff bracelets, a vintage time piece and the bad boy shades.

You too can get featured next week, take a distinct streetstyle shot, use the hashtag NotsopopShot, and tag us on Instagram @notsopopkulture