We all have our individually unique style and it’s the best thing to stand out from the norm. In our world, we can have about 5% of individuals having the same style, but it can’t entirely be the same. Something’s got to stand out.

Though the term ‘personal style’ gets thrown around a lot like it’s some easy thing to develop once you’re this age or that age. One thing we need to know is that it takes a lot of hard work to develop your personal style. We can also term it as one’s signature style.

Even the most fashion savvy people reevaluate their style from time to time. So be at ease, it’s only normal. But where do we begin? Do we just go to stores to get everything that looks pretty or that will look nice on you? No fam. Before you define or develop your personal style, there are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourselves.

1. What Words Would You Use to Describe Your Style?

Take a moment to answer this. What words come to your mind when you think about your overall style? Your clothes? Color palette? Shoes? All together? For example, if Rihanna were to answer this, the words she’d possibly use are fun, tom-boy chic, tough, glamorous, etc. so what are your words?

2. What do You want Your Style to Say About Who You Are?

Style, as we know, is YOU. It’s a form of expressing yourself. It’s also a form of communicating to people. It communicates your mood and also gives information about who we are. So down to it, what information do you want to give about yourself? Do you want people to see that you’re strong, independent, innovative, expressive, confident, masculine, feminine, and pulled together or do you want them to see otherwise? Got the answer? Write them down. Writing out the qualities you’d like to channel through your clothes, to the world, would help you pinpoint your identity traits and also help you consciously work towards actively communicating these traits with how you dress.

3. Who Inspires You and Why?

Many incredible men and women have accomplished a lot before our eyes. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to emulate some of their qualities and style. Think of the people you aspire and the clothes they wore or the specific items in their trademark ensembles or signature styles. Once you recognize your style icon, you subconsciously see yourself as being truly stylish. It’s psych.

4. What are the First Items you head Towards when Shopping?

Noting the natural gravitation towards some type of clothing rather than others, help one understand what styles they actually like and will most likely wear. Note that.

5. What Items are on Your Repeat List?

Being practical about what you will actually wear will help you stay true to your personal style rather than getting carried away with an idealized look that isn’t comfortable or doesn’t suit your everyday life. Most people wear the same outfit formula every week, consisting of the same one to five items. To save yourself from buying loads of things that will literally be on the bench in your wardrobes, think about the clothes you wear all the time. Make a list of those key pieces. Now, think of practical ways in which you can add some variety to those outfits. For example, if you love comfy boyfriend tees and skinny jeans, which I totally dig, good Lord, consider trying French-inspired button-ups and boyfriend jeans. Yes, I had to go French with that lol.

6. Does your Style and Lifestyle sync Nicely?

This is practically incorporating your style into your life. Your lifestyle greatly impacts your style, and you want to make sure that your wardrobe matches your everyday activities. If you’re a banker or a lawyer, you know that looking polished and professional is a must. Make sure you keep your lifestyle in mind when defining your style because you want to create a wardrobe that reflects reality. KEY.

7. If you Could Raid Anyone’s Closet, Whose would it be?

Umm, can I choose two people? I would totally raid Beyonce and Rihanna’s closets. And no, I’m not greedy, I’m only in love with the finest and raddest things, lol. We’ve all been guilty of fantasizing about whose closet we would rob. Let’s keep it to a minimal and say borrow. Thinking about whose wardrobe we’d ransack tells us a lot about our tastes. Think about what items you’d first go for. If we’re going through Rihanna’s wardrobe, would you pick her street style statement pieces or her iconic dresses? This will tell you if you like classic items better versus more feminine pieces. Do you want to emulate a more polished persona or a more expressive, fashion-forward look?

Now based off your answers, tell us what your personal style is.
After answering the questions above, you should have a better idea of what your style is and how you want to develop it. Naming your style is hugely helpful to defining your trademark look. Even fashion designers name their runway collections in order to maintain a flow to their looks, mentally, I guess. So, what would you name your style? Bohemian Biker human, Preppy Meets Retro, Casual feminine and masculine, 1940s Street Style, Futuristic Minimalist, or Maximalist, Menswear-Inspired Uptown Glamour, Chic Meets Athleisure, or vice versa? Get descriptive, use pinterest for ideas and inspirations and start shopping and dressing with purpose. Please.

Hopefully, next time we catch up, we can discuss our developed personal style and share our signature looks. Year still early let’s go!