Written by Victor Anunobi

Do you remember the baggy jeans everyone wore years ago? The polka dots and pastels?  The vintage clothes with paisley designs? The timeless floor length gowns? Well, it’s another Valentine season and we at Fashion Online Nigeria are giving it to you Retro style!


From the 1960s, Hollywood romance movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady to our parents’ generation, we know the oldies knew how to love. This year’s exhibition is all about showcasing that love, using fashion as its conduit.

Retro fashion is basically fashion of a previous era – style or fashion that was trendy at a past time. Sometimes used interchangeably with Vintage fashion. While there are no precise colors individual to retro fashion, the major features are outfits and accessories reminiscent of such times.

Several examples have been shown over the decades; there’s the 70s &80s sportswear, jackets and jerseys currently making a comeback, the pastels and neon colors of the 2010s which is also throwback of the late 80s and 90s and the polka dots and oh not forgetting the floral patterns of the 1960s.

This Valentine, Fashion Online Nigeria is celebrating love with retro designs from MARYMAII and Floyd Cardigans. MARYMAII is the brain child of the Danjuma Twins, Jennifer and Jessica Danjuma. With bold hues of pink and red, polka dot organza blouses and flared pants, they put together spectacular pieces of retro clothing.

Also featured in this shoot is Veronica Omoniyi, the CEO of Floyd Cardigan Collection is a knitwear designer. Her retro valentine collection consists of several knitwear pieces, a throwback of the early 90s.

Fasinu Oluwaseun sewedor (Fash visuals) is such a creative photographer. His rendition of the idea behind this shoot is well captured. He recreates the retro feel with perfection and finesse.


So this year, we are celebrating old school love with this Valentine shoot. We hope you enjoy it.


Have a wonderful retro valentine.



Male Model: James Otuka for Enrole model management

Female Models: Jessica and Jennifer Danjuma

Makeup Artiste: Adeleke Omohagbor Samuel