Wear Aque is a street wear fashion brand which focuses her designs on issues and concepts revolving around the youth lifestyle.

Wear Aque is developed around the “cool” lifestyle of the brand’s mascot which is perceived to be a young millennial having a smile on his face always and is never bothered with the daily hassles of life. To wear aque then means to wear “your cool self”. The brand aims to make people feel good about themselves and also to make designs which most age grades can relate to but the main focus is on millennials.

Since the birth of Wear Aque 2 years ago, the brand has placed focus on T-shirts, caps and phone cases and plans to delve into more casual clothing items as the sands of time sink.

This collection is developed around two concepts. The first t-shirt is a fusion between the generation Y millennials’ old arcade game style and the African culture. The second t-shirt’s design tends sarcastically towards the social lifestyle of millennials.

Millennials like to start conversations with people based on the inscriptions on their t-shirts. In view of this, the t-shirt says “do not use this as a conversation starter”, funny?

To cop one of these cool tees, dm; @wear_aque on instagram or call +234 815 568 7232

Muse: Orekerewa, Roche
Photography: Tomiwa Ajayi
Face Artist: Inioluwa
Creative direction: NSPK