It saddens me that time flies. Some days, I wish the time could just be still, for the whole day.
Other times, I wish it could fly faster than the ticking seconds. But it’s not about me today or
anyone that passed, no. This end of an era comes with mixed feelings. It’s a sane thing to want
To move on, and at the same time, one would wish to just always go with the way you are and
not want change. Today, it’s about the fashion icon, the street style guru, the one that makes us
harbor ambition and gives the drive of a go getter. Today, it’s about Anna dello Russo.

A.D.R, as everyone calls her, is the original street style star. She’s the woman who brought about
having a career potential of dressing for the sidewalk. And she’s had enough! You may be
thinking who can have enough of street style right? I wonder also. But read on…
At 55, the Italian fashion editor, Anna is beginning to say goodbye to almost everything. Her
social media gold and 1.4 million Instagram followers, her clothes and she’s taking the first steps
towards killing her digital alter ego, A.D.R. She’s starting by auctioning off her most iconic outfits
by the likes of Gianni Versace, Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, Tom Ford for Gucci and so on, in
Milan, of which the proceeds are to benefit the Swarovski Foundation Scholarship program,
which collaborates with design schools to support emerging talents. At the same time, about 150
of her clothing and accessories will be sold online through the famous Net-a- porter. Low-key, I’d
have to check and see if any is within my affordable capacity lol…who wouldn’t want at least one
of Ms dello Russo’s items?
She had some words to say. She said what she’s doing is the best revolution this industry has ever
had. And she gave some advice. She goes “We’re still in the transition stage, but the next
generation should appreciate visibility is not the only route to success”…Definitely holding that
for a lifetime.

In all her years at Conde Nast Italia, she never took a sick day as she said she was a hard liner, a
fanatic and she had pure devotion. She goes on and linked her clothes with books, saying
“Everyone says I’m mad, but what do Librarians spend money on? Books… My clothes were my
books, my alphabet.” In the years 2015 and 2016, she lost two dear friends, one being the
collaborator of Muiccia Prada, a stylist and a photographer. The other being the longtime editor
of Italian Vogue and she said when she lost them both, she realized it was the end of an era.
Ms Anna dello Russo is passing onto the next generation the kind of pop culture history of the
time when street style became a phenomenon. And the questions burning through our minds is
“could this be the end of Street style?

It’s only our generation and those to come that can answer this correctly and my answer is NO.
We are youngins and new things come up all the time. Though street style could take a different
turn, that’s the reason we all are a CREATIVE.

Leave your comments below and lets share for the purpose of celebrating a street style star and
for instilling the drive of ambition into all. Have a good day!