One of the good indicators of a brand that’s selling its story well is in the commumity and core fans the brand builds for itself.

It is this community that the brand’s marketing efforts are usually directed towards, and once the community is impressed, such that they adopt your product/service the rest of the market will follow.

Building a community around your brand atimes isnt for marketing a product alone, other times it helps in priming the right hire/rep for your brand

Thats what we observe in the recent vansgirls campaign for a rep.

And we found an amazing entry from a Nigerian.

The picture deeply edited to give a retro feel, the main item here is the vans socks. Our Nigerian compadre holds up a book that she pays less interests in, as she shows of checkered black n white colors of the brand in a series of poses.

Needing retweets and likes lets see how far her own campaign goes.

Link to help out