Over the weekend, Lhaude Fashion Network hosted it’s much anticipated fashion mentorship program at Ibadan.

On Saturday, March 17th, all was abuzz in Bodija, Ibadan as participants of the 1st edition of Lhaude’s fashion network mentorship session anticipated the arrival of keynote speakers, Denola Grey, Rhoda Ebun and Samuel Noon.

These three fashion personalities have proven to be of great value to the fashion industry in Nigeria. Going far and wide, reaching the world with their brand and promoting Nigerian fashion by and large.

It need not be said that many of those who attended the event where on tenterhooks, waiting to see and hear the guest speakers share their experiences and fashion nuggets.

Stepping into the building in coincidentally synchronized electric blue ensembles, Denola Grey and Rhoda Ebun were enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with all present.

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Though Denola Grey, co-producer of EL Now on EbonyLife TV and fashion influencer, said he was unsure of what to say for an hour, talking fashion is something he is passionate about and excels at.

Urging an interactive session, he dispelled the myths of fashion, making everyone aware that beyond the glitz and glamour, fashion is work! He further illustrated his point sharing an experience from years ago when he worked at New York Fashion Week where he expected to be thrilled mingling with celebrities but was shot down by his head of department and told that he wasn’t invited to the after party after weeks of work.

According to Denola, he had no idea what he wanted to do after graduating from Baylor University and has been free styling ever since, going with the flow and lucky enough to get good opportunities.

Rhoda Ebun, CEO of Roses and Thorns Fashion company and fashion stylist, was very down-to-earth, giving tips on how to brand oneself and latch onto the right opportunities. Giving insights on how internships helps prepare one for the industry, Rhoda disclosed that during her leave days at her then 9-5 job at Etisalat Nigeria, she interned at River Island. She advised fashionpreneurs to harp onto the opportunities and experiences provided from interning by volunteering at major fashion shows like Lagos Fashion Week and the upcoming Arise Fashion Week.

“Cordial relationship,” said Rhoda, “is one thing that keeps you going. Be ready to work hard, sweat and be nice even when you don’t feel like it. Beyond the red carpet and camera flashes is a whole lot of pinned up dresses and stack of paperwork.

“Get friendly with everyone, know your principles, connect. Don’t just connect with people within the industry, you need the expertise of people outside too.”

With participants scribbling speedily, chuckles heard frequently, and heads nodding constantly, the attendees showed how enthused they were to receive such anecdotes.

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Few hours after the show began, it was concluded with a networking and photo session.

In an interview with HFA TV, Africa’s foremost 24 hour fashion channel, Denola Grey said he was delighted to have been part of the event, meanwhile, Rhoda stated that she was glad to have been regarded as a mentor.

Rhoda Aguonigho, Creative Director of Lhaude Fashion Network, told HFA TV that she created Lhaude to be a platform where top fashion icons could be reached by fashionpreneurs to gain the necessary knowledge and guidance they need to excel in the industry.

Written by Gabriella Opara