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The Onwuchekwa kindred is more fearless this season as their courage is amplified, their headstrong approach for acceptance is underlined with a genuine softness they are unafraid to show.
This season they embrace colours, intricate details, shapes and motifs. They completely understand that the marvelous thing about setting their own standards is that no one else can judge them but themselves.
 The various shades of colours depicts the different stages of blooming, the bead work depicts the seeds, showing their fruitful nature; the leaf motifs signify growth and prosperity, while the ropes signify the stem which provides support for the elevation of the leaves that allows them spread out freely.
Certainly not a fan of anything regulated or normal as they have DISTINGUISHED themselves. “You cannot live a brave life without disappointing some people” ~ Oprah Winfrey.
Assistant: Tunde 
Footwear: Maliko 
Photography: Elizabeth Ajayi for vantage photography