It’s interesting to note that the simple expression of one’s personal art or style can be of immeasurable influence over a wide expanse of space. Overtime we see successful local artistry go on to gain international acknowledgment and acceptance. Peter Mwansa is one fashion dazzler who seem to have attained this feet.
Peter Mwansa is a student fashion designer, stylist as well as a fashion blogger based in Zambia.
Peter’s blog features styling/fashion tips and different style expression from urban style, streetstyle, casuals or vintage, accelerated towards inspiring fashion lovers all around the fashion globe.
The richness of his fashion exploits permeates the style scene, amassing views from 22 countries worldwide (wordpress statistics).

Here, Peter responds to some questions addressing peculiarities about his personal style

*How would you describe your personal style?

I simply describe my style as versitile! This is so because i dont settle
for a specific kind of style, i like to play wth different fabric and
different ideas to best suit my day. You might see me in casual today, in
streetstyle the next day and then edgy urban style depending on how I’m
feeling! Lol

*What fashion culture influences your personal style the most?

Of course african culture influences my personal style! What better way can
you play with fashion trends than to use our local african style.



*What’s that special fashion item that features prominently in your dressing? Why?

That item that features the most in my closet is my hat, lol, thats my
signature look. I feel naked without my hat! Why? Well i simply love how it
just blends with almost every outfit i wear.

*Your style resolution for the new year

My style resolution for 2016 well i can’t really say, but i think I’ll be going
for dark colours the most, lol.

*You would never be caught wearing? Why?

What i wouldn’t be caught wearing?? Well people wont see me in tight shirts! I simpy like loose clothes they give me a more comfortable look and feel.


Guilty food pleasure? I love smoked ribbs lol.
Your revered style icon? People don’t understand his creativity but KANYE WEST does it for me.
Your go-to shopping store? Definately H&M…….who doesnt lol.
Favorite designer? Balmain