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I know there are quite a few “newbie” models out there that would like good direction and advice to better pursuit their career, that’s why today I would like to talk a little about the preparations you need to make before a shooting.

1. Always have a good night sleep before the big day. I know sometimes our personal lives can be pretty messed up, but as a professional model, you have to have a certain discipline. Having your sleeping hours counts a lot. Although you will have a make-up artist present and Photoshop on your side, there is a limit on how these can help you.


Ekow Barnes

2. Eat food that your body will digest better. And I’m not saying to take it to the Victoria’s Secret level. I know they go on protein shakes and the liquid diet one week or so before the show, but I guess the day before would be nice to eat light stuff like mashed potatoes or fish. Also, stay away from gassy juices so you won’t have a big belly on your shooting day, especially if you’re shooting for lingerie or swimwear.

3. Prepare your outfit, accessories and everything you need a few days before the shooting in case you don’t have a stylist or if the shooting is for a brand. You’re in a team, you have to play your part as well.


ManiKwen in TI Nathan

4. A few shooting position tips: When posing, always keep your chin up and never lower your head because it doesn’t look good at all. Also, always pose either smiling (if requested) or with your mouth slightly open – it gives models that mysterious look.

5. Practice in front of a mirror some posing positions so you’ll not find yourself during the shooting not knowing how to pose. Maybe do like I do – put on some Madonna (Vogue tune) to boost your self-confidence.




Well, I hope I’ve helped a little with these main tips and remember – treat your modelling career with professionalism and responsibility – it’s not all fun and games!

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