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NSPK Style Icon of the Week

Good looks is one thing, ​dressing good is another, and the latter inevitably goes on to reveal inner beauty.  A lot can be said about styling, but when it comes to sporting a good style, we need not say much,… Continue Reading →

Beret Fashion for 2017

You know one fascinating thing about those African rebel soldiers was the beret they had going for them. Loathe all the horrors they committed and their misdeeds, but I’m sure you love how the beret crowns their head augmenting their… Continue Reading →

Dapper Muhammad Ali || Rest in “POWERS”. (Quotes & Pictures)

Rest in Powers hero to most. Truly the Greatest. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see. Now you see me, now you don’t.” “Service to others is the rent you… Continue Reading →

Tribeofchic is NSPK’s Style Icon of the Week.

This week we are inspired by Tribeofchic’s Tomboy-ish and confident style. Solid colours, distingué poses and elegant strides. View more pictures below; Follow Tribeofchic on instagram

Steven Onoja is NSPK’s Style Icon of the week: Pictures

Steven Onoja’s signature accessory is his head gear. Find the one look here where he ditched the head gear. Instagram: @stevenonoja More pictures;

Fashion Dazzler Interview: Fashion blogger, Mayowa Folami “Ziza”

Mayowa Folami also known as Ziza is a Style influencer,  Fashion blogger, a make-up artist, and the creative director of FIMM Sandals an emerging footwear line. At just 18, she’s got alot of fashion projects under her belt, and even… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview: Ghanaian model Ekow Barnes

Notsopopkulture caught up with stylish Ghanaian model Ekow Barnes for our Fashion Dazzler Interview and it was a delight.  Enjoy the captivating chat and follow Ekow on instagram; Q. How would you describe your personal style? A. My personal style… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview: Fashion blogger and DIY artist Ijenna Osuji

Ijenna osuji of is one inspiring and fun to follow fashion blogger and DIY artist. Her edgy, quirky and sometimes laid-back style fabrications is having growing influence on fashion enthusiasts in the Nigerian fashion & style sphere and even… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview: Peter Mwansa

It’s interesting to note that the simple expression of one’s personal art or style can be of immeasurable influence over a wide expanse of space. Overtime we see successful local artistry go on to gain international acknowledgment and acceptance. Peter… Continue Reading →

Clashing Plaid || NoOrdinaryShe

I am a big fan of going for the unusual when it comes to fashion and clashing plaid is one of the most daring and bold fashion choices I have loved making this fall. I could easily say that Plaid… Continue Reading →

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