Fashion Dazzler Interview with Papa Oyeyemi, Creative Director Maxivive

Papa Oyeyemi is a Nigeria-based Androgynous fashion designer and creative head of the Maxivive Group of Fashion Brands. He started his career in fashion as a 15-year-old designer who doubled then as an editor to ”UTOPIA”, a high school publication…. Continue Reading →


It saddens me that time flies. Some days, I wish the time could just be still, for the whole day. Other times, I wish it could fly faster than the ticking seconds. But it’s not about me today or anyone… Continue Reading →

Tips to Defining your Personal Style this Season

We all have our individually unique style and it’s the best thing to stand out from the norm. In our world, we can have about 5% of individuals having the same style, but it can’t entirely be the same. Something’s… Continue Reading →


Why do we love celebrity looks so much? Why do we think actors’ wears are quite poise sometimes? Why do we just wish we dressed like the top dogs in the industry? Because there’s a brain behind each and every… Continue Reading →

How You Can Use Fashion Collaborations to Augment Your Brand’s Voice

Collaboration in fashion comes in different approach and it’s becoming very much inevitable across the globe. Whether it’s within the industry; designer x designer, designer x jeweler/shoemaker or with another industry; designer x music/movie celebrity, designer x artist, really the… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Fashion Trends in 2018

I’m so excited as it’s a new year and as humans, most of us are always on about the new me, new everything vibe. But I beg to differ. Almost every New Year, I’m always on about the newest trends… Continue Reading →

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