Tobi Bolaji Idowu

Omo’yami Streetwear Campaign, As Seen Through The Lens Of Budding Documentary Photographer, Yemi Adebayo

-With Chronicles By Tobi Bolaji Idowu I begin my recollection from secondary school, which is where I began to consciously make attempts at making new friends and forming alliances. My choice of whom to befriend was usually based on mutual… Continue Reading →

At twilight a procession is held at the cathedral…

Oh, by the way I somehow made it to Yaba yesterday. I took this picture while showing off my ostensibly pretty legs. And here’s the caption my mind readily thought up; At twilight, a procession is held at the cathedral… Continue Reading →

On Bread and Akara

“If she wasn’t there this time, it would be the last time I attempt to buy akara from her.” This is what I thought as I strolled down to the akara spot a colleague had introduced me to. I first… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Friendship through Omo’yami Streetwear Campaign | Maindrag

True friends are the only ones who can pick you up when the world lets you down. In commemoration of Friendship Day on the 30th of July, African urbanwear label, Maindrag XYZ presents the opportunity to appreciate your friends with… Continue Reading →

A Foray into our Okada State-of-Mind | Uneasy Motion by Maindrag

Maindrag, an African-urban streetwear label that delights her core followers with a new streetwear campaign every other month is out with a new release titled Uneasy Motion. This new campaign explores mobility in rural and urban Nigeria, using okada as… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview with Turkey based Zambian Lifestyle Blogger, Zyabo

When Zyabo Wezyani first got admitted to study architecture in Turkey around 2016, she plunged into a series of research to learn more about the Western Asian Country. She’ll later discover the truth for herself and in personal experience –… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview with Stellar Fashion Stylist and Creative director, Onyeka Nwobu

Onyeka Nwobu is a terrific creative strategist who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. The O, as she is now otherwise known has been described as a provocative writer, and fashion journalist. Her work also transverse the interlaced fields of fashion styling… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview with South African Photographer, Cindy Leah

This weekend, we talk to the delectable and stylish South-African photographer, Cindy Leah. I first came across Cindy through her well curated Instagram feed, you would have imagined that she simply modeled. I eventually got to learn more about her… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview with Alternative/Soul & Hip-hop Artist, Mo’ Love

Mohammad Dukuray aka Mo’ Love is an Alternative/ Soul and Hip-Hop artist based in Newyork city. Mo is an enthusiastic songster and dreams of travelling the world to perform his music to fans. He is passionate about family and believes… Continue Reading →

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