A Foray into our Okada State-of-Mind | Uneasy Motion by Maindrag

Maindrag, an African-urban streetwear label that delights her core followers with a new streetwear campaign every other month is out with a new release titled Uneasy Motion. This new campaign explores mobility in rural and urban Nigeria, using okada as… Continue Reading →


It saddens me that time flies. Some days, I wish the time could just be still, for the whole day. Other times, I wish it could fly faster than the ticking seconds. But it’s not about me today or anyone… Continue Reading →

10 Best Notsopop-shots on Instagram This Week

Possibly, you were busy all week and didn’t have time for social media, no time to flip through Instagram. Not to worry, NSPK is here with our weekly Best 10 Streetstyle Inspirations on Instagram. Hope you find a streetstyle or… Continue Reading →

9 Cool Urban-wear Brands to Shop In Nigeria

More genuine urban fashion brands are beginning to spring up in the Nigerian fashion scene. The direct effect of this on our lifestyle is perhaps that, we wouldn’t have to resort to “bend down select” (Yaba) to get make-shift cool… Continue Reading →

Urban-wear Brand, Fashion Victim debuts with “Belief” Presentation.

Fashion enthusiast and creative director Funmi Coker has always wanted to launch her own fashion label. Taking advantage of the goodwill of turning 22 on the 22nd of January she is launching Fashion Victim, an urban wear brand. Driven by… Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Streetstyle on Instagram this Week

It’s quite easy today to make a fashion statement that would get the rave and reviews, sharing on social media is your one way ticket to that. I’m super excited to share my very own best 10 street style on… Continue Reading →

Catch Some High Fashion Trend in this Photo Project featuring Few Model Modupe Ade    

​Few model, Modupe Ade ends my long search for a female skate boarder. Whether she indeed skates remains to be known, but her “I can do it” pose with this popular street fashion element leaves a lot running through your… Continue Reading →

Streetstyle Inspiration by Style Duo of Opio92 X Dayotage

Budding Nigerian model Dayo dragged reluctant Stylist Obinna to site, and this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mini-shoot ensued.

Overalls, Bathrobes and other Edgy Style Trends this Season. 

​Hey hey we still cant get enough of what style trends 2017 has in stock for us. Do you know about some 80’s style that still trends today, lets take a look.    1.Bathrobe:  Bathrobe fashion has been killing the… Continue Reading →

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