Fashion Dazzler Interview with Afrofuturist Moh Mckenzie

Moses Mckenzie is an eccentric stylist and model from Nairobi, Kenya. He started his freelance modeling career in 2013, after he found it initially hard to break into the industry, he had to switch up his approach by employing a… Continue Reading →


Why do we love celebrity looks so much? Why do we think actors’ wears are quite poise sometimes? Why do we just wish we dressed like the top dogs in the industry? Because there’s a brain behind each and every… Continue Reading →

NSPK's Style Icon for this Week is OKENYE

Okenye is a stylist nd he is also a fashion lover. He is our style icon for this week​ His swags nd style says it all​ You can follow him on ig to see more stunning pictures​ @Manny_thegoat​ ​ ​

Streetstyle Inspiration by Style Duo of Opio92 X Dayotage

Budding Nigerian model Dayo dragged reluctant Stylist Obinna to site, and this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mini-shoot ensued.

Defining Your Fashion Career in the New Year

So fashion seems an exciting sector to dabble into since it promises fun, glamour and grandeur amongst other things. This is usually the fancy of young adults. Young ones usually stumble into fashion without much insight about key guiding principles to… Continue Reading →

Fashion Dazzler Interview: Peter Mwansa

It’s interesting to note that the simple expression of one’s personal art or style can be of immeasurable influence over a wide expanse of space. Overtime we see successful local artistry go on to gain international acknowledgment and acceptance. Peter… Continue Reading →

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